Romania: Sighetu Marmației
April 14th, 2017

We had a night train booked from Cluj to Sighetu Marmatiei departing at one o’clock. It was an hour late. Then two hours into the journey, after we were finally tucked into our bunks, we were shaken awake to the news that it was not a direct train, we’d missed out connection, and we’d have to wait for four hours (ultimately five) in a sketchy as hell rural train stop until our connection finally arrived at 8am.

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Romania: Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania
April 13th, 2017


Cluj-Napoca is in Northwest Romania. It’s a university town and the unofficial capital of the Transylvania region. It has been a life mission of mine to visit Transylvania ever since grade school when I decided Pennsylvania and Transylvania were clearly related. Cluj is a beautiful, modern, and lively city with lots of history from various periods. We say everything from a 15th century fortified ruin (Tailor’s Tower) to an avant-guard vegan demonstration protesting the eating of Easter Lamb.
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Poland: Muzeum Witrażu, Krakow
March 26th, 2017

I had a whopping four days to spend in Krakow so I was looking for interesting things to do beyond the typical tourist stuff. My new thing is looking for local workshops or classes and I found the perfect one at Museum Witrazu, an active stained glass workshop and gallery. The image above is their front door.
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Poland: Communist Nowa Huta
March 26th, 2017

My last day in Krakow I had no idea what I was gonna do so I took the recommendation of a friend and booked the Communism Tour with Crazy Guides. I was nervous about booking this because it seemed like it might be for Soviet nerds and I know hardly anything about Communism really. Luckily, that was not the case and I had an absolutely fascinating and unique one-on-one tour. The tour focuses on Krakow’s centrally-planned Socialist district Nowa Huta which you go visit whilst riding in a real Soviet-era East German Trabant.
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Poland: Jewish Quarter, Krakow
March 25th, 2017

I explored Krakow in two parts: the Old Town and the Jewish Quarter. Basically I took a walking tour of both and then ping-ponged between them all weekend eating food, walking it off, eating food ad infinitum. The Jewish Quarter is in the Kazimierz district of Krakow. The Jewish Ghetto of Krakow is actually over the river. The Jewish people were evicted from their neighborhood and moved there. There is a rumble track on the highway to remind drivers that they are crossing the location of the old ghetto walls.
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Poland: Old Town Krakow
March 24th, 2017

Old Town Krakow was really beautiful. It’s not that terribly different from other European cities, but it was particularly romantic for some reason.
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England: Hastings
March 7th, 2017

Went for a day walking with the Outdoor Adventure Club to Hastings on the weekend. Hastings is on the south coast of England, farther east than Brighton. The Battle of Hastings in 1066 was when William the Conqueror took over England for the Normans.
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Iceland: Missed Connection
December 19th, 2016

On my way home for Christmas I had a connection in Reykjavik. A good opportunity to stock up on some Sirius chocolate, I thought. Well my cheap-ass budget airline was delayed two hours out of London and I missed my short connection to New York. I’d get on another flight, I expected, except WOW Air only flights one evening flight a day, and it had already left. I’d have to stay in a hotel over night for a 3pm flight the following day. What does one do with 12 hours in Iceland?
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Portugal: Porto
November 18th, 2016

Porto is a city of tiles. I came here for a quick weekend break with two friends. I admit I didn’t learn much history on this trip, but I saw a lot of beautiful tiles, ate lots of good food, and drank lots of eponymous port.
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Slovakia: Hiking in the High Tatras
September 4th, 2016

Goral Architecture

I came to Slovakia because I was desperate to hike somewhere interesting on my own. Despite a rainy weather forecast, I decided to hit the trail anyway. The High Tatras are perfectly set up for solo-hiking, it’s well marked, there’s transport at the trailheads, and there are lodges along the way to stop or stay at.
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