SIGGRAPH London Tech Talk 2017
September 1st, 2017

SIGGRAPH London Tech Talk Stage

What a nerve-racking honor to share MPC’s work on Heineken Trailblazers with the crowd at SIGGRAPH London Tech Talks in the BAFTA Theatre.

Jupiter Ascending Credit
February 15th, 2015


I finally got to see my name in my first and only film credit. I worked on Jupiter Ascending last year at Method. It was only a small thing in one sequence, but I’m still really proud of myself. I got to see the movie at the Framestore crew screening because my friend got me a +1 ticket. I’m pretty happy I didn’t have to pay to see this movie, but it is really not good. My mom is still gonna buy the DVD though, so I can watch it over and over and over again.

GE Imagination: Bird Plane
February 6th, 2014


Harry Potter 3D Doodles
May 1st, 2012

The Boy Who Lived The Heir of Slytherin

Burnt Wood Look Dev
May 16th, 2011


Learning Massive
March 17th, 2011


Moving Picture Company
October 15th, 2010


I work at MPC now! They are really cool and my job is boss.

Nuke-Python: Contact Sheet Gizmo
June 27th, 2010


I was halfway through scripting a contact sheet generator that could be used to quickly identify lighting inconsistencies across an image sequence when Dan pointed out that there is already a Contact Sheet node. I ended up making a gizmo that builds off the existing node because it doesn’t seem to allow you to set a frame interval.

I also added an option to set the format size based on individual frame size (so each preview image could be 960×540 without doing any extra math). It’s probably not very efficient, but it was fun making my first gizmo.

Download: contactSheet.gizmo (06/27/10)

Note: You have to hit ‘Create’ after switching size modes or changing frame interval. I also haven’t gotten the check boxes to work one at a time yet. Here is the Python on the button: contactSheet.txt.

Things to look into:
* Grey out input fields and only check one box at a time.
* Stop all the nodes created inside of the gizmo from opening in the properties bin.
* More procedural way to set frame interval than dropping Hold nodes inside the gizmo.

June 1st, 2010


May 27th, 2010


I had my last SIGGRAPH meeting tonight. The illustrious Mike Dixon will be taking over as President come next term. We handed out some SIGGY Awards, gave a bunch of heart felt speeches, and then took some pix. Thanks for everything, guys.