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Belize Day 6: The End
February 24th, 2011


Our last day in Belize we had some drank* and swam in the Caye Caulker Split. Then we boated it back to Belize City and flew home.

*The only beer Belize brews itself.

Belize Day 5: Snorkling
February 24th, 2011


The next day we went snorkling off the coast of Caye Caulker. Belize has the worlds 2nd largest Barrier Reef. We took a boat out to the reef and made three stops. The first one was really miserable because I was gagging up salt water like a noob, but it turned out to be pretty awesome. At the second stop, in about 4 feet of water, about 6 stingrays and 6 nurse sharks were swimming right under me. I had a heart attack and died. I’m dead now. At the third stop we were allowed to explore by ourselves. I was looking at a coral garden and the sweet fish. Then a giant ass barracuda wanted to look at the sweet fish too. So much panic. So much awesome.

Belize Day 4: Caye Caulker
February 24th, 2011


We took another boat from San Pedro to Caye Caulker. The island is about 2 minutes across. A total tourism economy, but still charming and quasi-authentic. I ate stewed chicken with rice and beans and had my first margirita. We found a dank room to rent for $16 USD a night. It’s actually that wide. We also went sunset sailing. It was so, so scary.

Belize Day 3: San Pedro
February 24th, 2011


We took a boat from Sarteneja here and hung out for a few hours. Brian windsurfed like a pro.

Belize Day 3: Shipstern Nature Reserve
February 24th, 2011


We saw butterflies and got lost and almost died in a large, muddy field. After we didn’t die, we climbed an observation tower and looked out over the entire forest. You could see both sides of the water.

Belize Day 2: Sarteneja
February 24th, 2011


A quiet little town with unbelievable water and piers. We went swimming and ate empanadas sold from a family’s side patio (3 for $0.50).

Belize Day 2: Backpackers Paradise
February 24th, 2011


In Sarteneja we camped at a organic farm/french/hippie commune. We ate papayas from trees, read books in hammocks, talked to french backpackers, had our energy purified by Mexican incense, and were woken up by mooing cows.

pic from bran’s rad phone.

Belize Day 2: Orange Walk
February 23rd, 2011

Orange Walk Belize

We took a painted blue school bus from Belize City to Sarteneja. It seemed very authentic. We stopped in Orange Walk and bought pastries at a bakery there. Some creepy Mennonite children tried to see peanuts aboard the bus.

Belize Day 1: Belize City
February 23rd, 2011


Brian and I flew in to Belize City on Feb 16th. This is the view from the balcony of the baller guest house we stayed at.