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Arica: Zumeria Juice
May 17th, 2013

Arica: Zumeria Juice My mind randomly wandered back to this juice bar we were obsessed with during our stay in Arica, Chile. It was a tiny little shop that made freeze squeezed juice and smoothies in a bunch of flavors. It was so tasty we stopped there once or twice a day and I threw my money at them like I meant it.

It would have fit in really well with the many juice bars in California. They sold salads (which I did not see a whole lot of in Chile) and the women working the counter loved to sing along to a (a absurdly catchy) Ricky Martin song about loving gay people (loosely translated). Quiero Zumeria!

Bonus Chile Video
August 19th, 2012

Torres Del Paine: Unedited from Jessie Amadio Blog on Vimeo.

The only video to make it out of Patagonia.

Chile "Dream Journal"
July 2nd, 2012

When I was in Chile, I kept a journal of our experience and scrapbooked bits of paper along the way. It’s an unbelievable keepsake. Here are a few of the photocopied pages. If you want to read about the trip in it’s entirety, you can download the PDF transcription here:

Chile “Dream Journal” Transcription

Arica at Sunset (Chile)
March 25th, 2012

arica sunset

arica morrome at sunsetbirds at sunset

Arica (Chile)
March 25th, 2012


We flew into Arica, Chile’s northern most city, not really sure what we would find there. When we showed up via taxi at 4am and the entire place was abandoned and shuttered up, we were pretty sure we were going to die. But luckily, the place is a super friendly, hoping town when the sun is up. We shopped in markets, ate baked goods, went to the beach, drank patio beers, ate completos, took buses, and generally enjoyed the gringo-less town.

abandoned house aricaarica hostelsurfing in aricaarica churcharica busarica beach

San Cristobal (Chile)
March 25th, 2012

me over santiago

While in Santiago, we took the Funicular trolly up to the top of San Cristobal to see above all of the city. It really looks like LA. There was a big white statue of the Virgin Mary up there too.


Santiago (Chile)
March 25th, 2012

me plaza de armas

Santiago was a neat place. It was huuuuge and sprawling like LA, but closer to New York with its extensive public trans, urban college campuses, and old stone buildings. Chile’s rebellious spirit is easy to see in this city. Protest graffiti is all over the place, old blown out buildings from the Pinochet regime, and lots of riot squads combating the current student protests. We even walked through some tear gas!

brian plaza de armastear gas bombcity park

Puerto Natales (Chile)
March 25th, 2012

puerto natales

Puerto Natales was our base camp for Torres del Paine. The town is very far south in the jagged tip of South America. The town was mostly supported by the nature tourism and there were tons of backpackers from all over the world staying at tons of hostels there. We stayed at Erratic Rock which had an adjacent pub where they served drinks (pisco sours!) and rented hiking equipment. We had a fun night of drinking with a host of different travelers (one even lived and worked in Antartica).

base camperratic rockharborpuerto natales rainpuerto natales mepuerto natales sky

Valle de Frances (Chile)
March 25th, 2012

valle de frances

granite mountainhikingvalle de france lakesvalle de frances towersgranite mountainswhere the dwarves live

Glacial Water (Chile)
March 25th, 2012

glacial lake

The water in Torres del Paine was the tastiest, clearest, coldest water in the world because it ran right off of the melting glacier. Jumping into the glacial lakes for a few minutes (really, only a few, it was so cold..) felt amazing after a long hike.

rapid streambrian rapidbrian blur waterme edge of lakeme in glacial lakerapids edge