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Backpacking Europe: Solo-Travel and Fun
September 22nd, 2013

Cologne, Germany: Cathedral

It’s been one year since I took my solo-trip to Europe, which I think must be the optimum reflection period, because I cannot wait to go back. I was singing a different tune a year ago, when I swore I would never return, having had little fun. Traveling alone felt more like mental exercise than a good time.

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Euro2012: Berlin
November 12th, 2012

I took a night train from Munich to Berlin for the last two days of my trip. The first way was pretty boring: I saw the leftover peices of Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, the Brandenberg Gate, visited another Nazi museum, and tagged along with some locals to a few bars. On the next day, though, I went to the Jewish Museum with another traveler, ate tons of currywursts, and went on a walking “alternative city” tour, which was mostly about street art and distrusting the government. We visited Tacheles, a famous art squat and ended up in kreuzberg. In this hip part of town, I bar hopped with three lovely ladies from my tour.

Euro2012: Munich Snow
November 12th, 2012

Euro2012: Munich
November 12th, 2012

Euro2012: Nuremberg
November 12th, 2012

I saw the Nuremberg Trials Courtroom, the Nazi Rally Grounds, a castle, Albrect Durer’s House, and I hung out with these people.

Euro2012: Ghent
November 12th, 2012

A) Ghent had this crazy amazing view of all it’s major buildings from one angle. B) I found strangers to go partying with. We drank beers in public at the canal. C) A cheap frikdel, which is what the poor people ate in the middle ages. D) My eco-hostel was a converted barge with plants on top to filter water.

The Van Eyck Altarpiece was here and it was huge and magnificent and I loved it.

Euro2012: Bruges
November 12th, 2012

Brugge was amazing and beautiful and Myrrhis and I had an awesome time eating chocolates and pretending we were wizards.

Euro2012: Antwerp Angels
November 12th, 2012

This church courtyard was the coolest thing I have ever seen. It was a hidden surprise that just looked like lava was pouring out of this cathedral and it was full of statues. Walking between the figures was basically horrifying because it was so creepily similar to the Weeping Angels in the crash of the Byzantium.

Euro2012: Antwerp
November 12th, 2012

Euro2012: The Hague
November 12th, 2012

Myrrhis’s mom made us the most amazing sunny european breakfast spread in the universe. They put eggs in egg holders. Myrrhis took me on an awesome bike tour of Den Haag with all the orange leaves falling from the trees. We visited the Peace Palace, which was super interesting. Then we ended at the beach there and we put our feet in the North Sea.