Iceland: Missed Connection

On my way home for Christmas I had a connection in Reykjavik. A good opportunity to stock up on some Sirius chocolate, I thought. Well my cheap-ass budget airline was delayed two hours out of London and I missed my short connection to New York. I’d get on another flight, I expected, except WOW Air only flights one evening flight a day, and it had already left. I’d have to stay in a hotel over night for a 3pm flight the following day. What does one do with 12 hours in Iceland?

Well, for starters, it’s December, so Iceland is experiencing it’s eternal night. The hotel is actually in Keflavik, the bus doesn’t run on Sunday nights, and the taxi to Reyk is about 100 euros. I could get to the Blue Lagoon by shuttle, and I could even rent a swim suit there! But… you need a reservation and they were totally booked. I couldn’t even watch for the Northern Lights because it was cloudy and raining.

So I did what any sane person would do and I walked out into the windy Iceland morning-night to go sight-see some parking lots. Of the 20 people at the hotel, I found one kindred spirit who would not pass up an opportunity to explore. It turns out she was 10 years younger than me, which either makes me feel really cool or really immature. Using Google Maps I figured we could get a decent 2 hours walk in to a large shopping center near the ocean. It was freezing freaking cold.

Miraculously the only place open that we saw was a bakery! Mission accomplished! We got a giant cinnimon bun thing, a kleina donut, a chocolate snowball, and Egil’s Grape soda (which was disappointingly grapefruit, not grape).

The roads had an occasional car, but obviously no one was out, even though it was about 9am. The roads around here are not for pedestrians, there are no sidewalks. We walked along the shoulder, in ditches, cut across 4 lane highways, and scuttled through a construction site to get to civilization.

Disappointingly the Bonus and the Olis were closed, but we did get a good photo op at the gas station. By the time we made it to the water, the weather was starting to turn. It started to hail on us and we became very aware of how cold we were once the wind was in our face, not at our backs. My buddy slipped in the mud, there was screaming and jogging back home. It was a good time.

Even though I missed the the family pollyanna party, my 12 hours in Iceland wasn’t so bad. I had a nice dinner with these lovely people (homemade cod casserole!) and I shared with them the chocolate and Brenevin I had in my luggage. We grew so attached that we stayed together at the airport, had lunch together there, and stayed close to each other right up until we all boarded our planes. It was really sweet.


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